Flora (Plants)

The rainforests of the Democratic Republic of Congo contain over 11,000 different species of plants, including over 1,100 that are unique to Congo's rainforests. In comparison, nearby Cameroon's rainforests contain 8,000, and South America's Amazon rainforest contains a whopping 40,000 plant species, leaving the Congo somewhere in the middle. (stats from WWF)

Some of the more interesting plant species that reside in Congo's rainforests include:                                                   


Lianas are a very common species of plant in any rainforest, and are especially abundant in the canopy layer. They are similar to vines in appearance, but the main difference is in size - lianas can grow up to 3,000 feet in length! Lianas begin life on the forest floor and work their way up (using other plants) towards the upper canopy where light is in abundance.    

African Teak

African teak trees are one of the main reasons that deforestation is so rampant in the Democratic Republic of Congo, because of their many uses, ranging from boat building to flooring. The African Teak can grow up to 50m in height, with butress roots up to 3m tall to keep it stable. It is now classified as an endangered species, with under ________ remaining in the world.  

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